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asta microfonica
Asta microfonica professionale di grandi dimensioni a giraffa telescopica con contrappeso in acciaio per il bilanciamento. Adatta per studi di registrazione ed eventi live. Snodo superiore in alluminio pressofuso, base tripoide e manicotto di regolazione per l'altezza in nylon.
asta microfonica da tavolo
flessibile per supporto microfonico
asta microfonica con base rotonda
riduzione per supporto microfono
199 Microphone stand
Extremely compact microphone stand. Three-piece shaft, non-marring height-adjustment system, lightweight plastic base with folding legs.
211 Boom arm
Classic one-piece boom arm with 3/8" thread, and sliding adjustment through non-scratching swivel joint. Easy tightening with T-bar locking screw. Complete with locking washer and plastic handgrip.
211/1 Boom arm
Classic two-piece telescopic boom arm with 3/8" thread. Silent, scratchless swivel joint for adjustment of angle, easy tightening with T-bar locking screw.
260/1 Microphone stand
Round base with an integrated steel plate with an attractive plastic cover, with anti-vibration rubber insert for noise filtration.
26000-300-55 - black
The new star in your show! The avant-garde, one-hand microphone stand is setting new standards in design and function. The elegant combination of triangular-shaped sections and the new design of the slender one-hand adjustment mechanism go harmoniously with standard microphone clips and microphones. The integrated knurled screw is impossible to lose and makes tightening and positioning the microphone clip easy. The stand’s simple elegance loses nothing by the addition of König & Meyer’s classic swivel arm. The height of the stand can be adjusted soundlessly, simply and easily using the unique one-hand clutch. The stand is significantly lightweight, but nonetheless stable due to the ingenious round base with an integrated steel plate with an attractive plastic cover. The base’s circumferential rubber profile reduces undesirable vibration and footfall noise even when the stand is tilted far over to the side. Damage to flooring (e.g. parquet) is also prevented.